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Welcome to Eilean Donan

... inthe Highlands of Scotland



Maps & Travel Info ...

The idea behind the design:

We are trying to cram as much functionality into one page without suffering from design clutter (over developed sites -you know who you are). Anyways ... There are 5 main Nav areas with over TWENTY main links on this page.

We have also added some text overlay at the top of the page too (the image of the EIlean Donan Castle is behind the text). To fill up the paragraph with text why not add a link to the recent spectacular lightshow at Eilean Donan Castle - here we go Lightshow at Eilean Donan Castle by Gerry Hofstetter

Wee birdPlease note: This is a feature box with important stuff to say - Its linked to paragraphs - new paragraph and you will get a new box
If you would like a space or two between lines and still maintain the box just use SHIFT enter when ending the para.
This is how the text wraps around the wee bird - we have used a style rather than fettling the IMG tag this time

Flexible design!

This website has been designed for maximum market penetration but with an ease of use and rapid delepoment. It has been through several versions could have been called "v2.0", because that is what it really is. We have taken our most popular calco uk templates and added the most requested features from clients such as tabs, a 2-column layout variation and support for sub-pages in the main menu.

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