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This is the simplest design we offer - its so simple a child could update it - even adults too!

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Its a two column design really with a menu on the left and some 'stuff' on the right. When you want to change the stuff - edit it and thats it! PAGES HOME AND LIVE PAGE work in the links - the rest are just example links.

The other text below is just some interesting filler text and a few local links.

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The strawberry (Fragaria) is a genus of plants in the family Rosaceae, and the fruit of these plants. There are more than 20 named species and many hybrids and cultivars. The most common strawberries grown commercially are cultivars of the Garden strawberry, a Fragaria × ananassa hybrid. Strawberries are a valuable source of vitamin C.

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Art, in its broadest meaning, is the physical expression of creativity or imagination. The word art derives from the Latin ars, which, loosely translated, means "arrangement". Art is commonly understood as the act of making material works (or artworks) which, from concept to creation, hold a fidelity to the creative impulse — that is, 'art' is distinct from creative work that is driven by necessity (i.e. vocation), by biological drive (i.e. procreation), or by any undisciplined pursuit of recreation. The term creative arts denotes a collection of disciplines whose principal purpose is the output of material that is compelled by a personal drive and echoes or reflects a message, mood, and symbology for the viewer or audience to interpret. As such, 'art' may be taken to include forms as diverse as Art may also be understood as relating to creativity, æsthetics and the generation of emotion.

and a few notes:

Krazy Kat is a comic strip created by George Herriman that appeared in weekday and Sunday U.S. newspapers between 1913 and 1944. It was first published in William Randolph Hearst's New York Evening Journal. Set against a dreamlike portrayal of Herriman's vacation home of Coconino County, Arizona, Krazy Kat's mixture of surrealism, innocent playfulness, and poetic language have made it a favorite of comics aficionados and art critics for more than eighty years.[1][2][3]
The strip focuses on the relationship triangle between its title character, a carefree and innocent cat of indeterminate gender (but often referred to in prose as female), her antagonist Ignatz Mouse, and the protective police-dog Officer Bull Pupp. Krazy nurses an unrequited love for the mouse, but Ignatz despises her and constantly schemes to throw a brick at her head; for unknown reasons, Krazy takes this as a sign of affection. Officer Pupp, as Coconino County's administrator of law and order, makes it his unwavering mission to interfere with Ignatz's brick-tossing plans and lock the mouse in the county jail. His schemes are so amazing.

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