Welcome Calco UK Website Design in the Highlands of Scotland

We get people coming into the studio all the time saying ... "I want a website". OK its funny to people in the trade but its a sad reflection on the industry that the client is generally ill-informed as to what a website is and what it has to do. Worse still most clients (even second timers) dont realise that the build is just the beginning of a long road to success which requires input from the client and a sustained effort from the web profession.

To help ... we have devised a gallery of templates or mini websites that fulfil the requirements of the law as well as performing well with Google and the general surfing public.

Calco UK is a Scottish Website design Company based in the Highlands of Scotland

Style Examples Reference:

NEW : Tested in Explorer 7

The above designs have now been tested in Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's new browser.

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About Calco UK Website Design

At Calco UK we try to understand the clients' needs, we listen to what you say and match this to the latest technology available. We are now pleased to be able to offer as standard:
Self Updating Web Sites that you can update simply by installing the industry standard web editor Dreamweaver Contribute (£99) a Word Processor look-a-like with style button bar approach to web editing. Of course last but not least a friendly consultant on the end of a phone when you need assistance.

The Templates

There is something here for everyone - just remember what you are seeing is scaffolding - not finished web sites. If you need a complete design and build package - we'll do that too!

Good luck with your new design!

Note: This web page demonstrates most of what people ask for when building a web site. The other 'stuff' is used to focus attention or sell pruct more effectively. Lastly the menus are designed to be used without reading a 200 page manual - i.e. they are intuitive!

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