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It is all about colours...
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Gravatar example

In some cases, the rightside column may not be needed. For example, if you want to publish long texts you may want to have longer text lines to enhance readability. This theme gives you the option to remove the right sidebar and resize the content column automatically!

Since this can be changed for each page on your website, you can also mix the two layouts on your site and let some pages have two columns while others have three columns.

There are loads more features with this design but most of them are the same as the home page. Suffice to say that the design 'degrades' well if your visitors dont have the latest browser or are using a mobile phone / PDA.

Ideas and Image ?

The image to put out to the general public via your website is ALL they will know about you; so its important to get the content and colour right.

Although the design is orange and blue the sceme is easily adapted to your choice of colour. Simply choose two key colours that tie in to your existing corporate identity and we can adapt the site in a matter of hours.

Good luck with your new website!

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