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It is all about colour...
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The summer design is built with valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS2. It conforms to section 508 and a WCAG 1.0 AAA rating. It has full support for browser-based font-resizing, 100% readable also even in text-based browsers.

> calco uk June 06

Calco UK

Summer v1.2
(Jume 08, 2006)

Welcome to "summer"...

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... a complete set designs based around tab navigation.

The pages are designed to be simple to edit (cost effective for the you the client) and accessible to disabled visitors as well as the potential to rank high in Google's search engine results

This website has been designed for maximum market penetration but with an ease of use and rapid delepoment. It has been through several versions could have been called "v2.0", because that is what it really is. We have taken our most popular calco uk templates and added the most requested features from clients.

Images and Image

The image to put out to the general public via your website is ALL they will know about you; so its important to get the content and colour right.

Although the design is orange and blue the sceme is easily adapted to your choice of colour. Simply choose two key colours that tie in to your existing corporate identity and we can adapt the site in a matter of hours.

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