Welcome to Calco UK

This template from 'Calco UK' demonstrates the clean simplicity of a tabbed navigation and basic banner image. The key here is colour and to that end we have provided a second page with a different key colour. The in-line links look like the one on the left here and to allow many more pages to be accesses we provide a navigation on the right using example links.

Here is an email me, type contact link. Again, although the difference in text colour is subtle, its still obvious that the link is a active and can be clicked.

Around about here we will be adding a small graphic or feature box to demonstrate the flow of text around an image and the floating characteristics of CSS. Chances are the panel will look a lot like the one on the right hand side of the page with the links and logo in it.

And finally ... this is the last sentence on the page. Thank you for looking at our demo website. If you have any questions - just call or email.



The links above are
really only for show.
The dont go anywhere.

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