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Jan 20, 2006:
Flexible webbsite pack with ALL options included as standard

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Calco UK - now with multple layouts included!

One of the most common questions we get asked is ... "how can I remove the third column and make the content fill the entire page?". This used to be possible by deleting code and shoogling the design around the page for a bit ... i.e. it WAS possible to do by editing a few lines of the stylesheet, but it would still be a big challenge for people who don't know CSS or HTML code very well.

With the release of our new demo, no modifications or changes are needed. The 2-column layout is included, so you can choose which layout you want to use for your site. As a little bonus, a single-column layout where the main menu is removed, is also included.

To save time then ... ALL the design options are included in this package - just choose the ones you want to use and 'mash em all up!'

Skye Bridge part A  Skye Bridge Part B