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July 20, 2006:
More great feautures and compliancy from one great website.

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This template has a lot of additional styles and layout variations built into the stylesheet. To see these, use the navigation menu to view the different pages and layout examples.

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(june 2, 2006)

Calco UK - works without images too!

While it doesn't look very pretty, the CALCO UK RAD template design well even without the included background images. This page shows an example of what the template can look like without images and with some minor additions to the stylesheet: reduced size of the header and a small padding for the body.

It is of course also perfectly possible to add your own images. Open source website templates can work both as complete websites (if you like the way they look by default) or as starting points (if you want to add your own styles to it).

What we do

If you wanted to edit this website, all you really need is a text editor like notepad or simple text. There are also many web editors to choose from, no matter which operating system you use. As a Windows XP user I can recommend Notepad++, an amazing freeware code editor. For Mac any of the Adobe stuff works very well. (we use Dreamweaver)

Text Only Version

Although a text version of a website should not be required, sometimes they are useful for quick updates from locations where heavy programming is not really what you want. (Internet cafe, mobile phone etc) This design is very light on editing resources.