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July 20, 2006:
More great feautures and compliancy from one great website.

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Calco UK - you decide!

If you like this template, you should know that there are many things you can do to enhance it. Change the header picture, add more images, change the fonts and play around with the layout. The 'open' CSS design gives you full freedom! If you want some ideas and tips on how to work with the template, I recommend you to visit our image gallery for inspiration! The prices of individual photos are for casual visitors; for clients building a website all the images on the website are available to you free for use in your Calco UK website.

Professional Design

Calco UK are first and foremost a web services company and do not specialise is design ... however 2BCreative are experts in this area and we use them exclusively to enhance the basic designs we produce.

This gives clients the best of both worlds

Contact : Calco UK on 01599 534964 or email: