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July 20, 2006:
More great feautures and compliancy from one great website.

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This template has a lot of additional styles and layout variations built into the stylesheet. To see these, use the navigation menu to view the different pages and layout examples.

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Version: v2.1

high performance & flexibility from Calco UK

This website has been designed for maximum market penetration but with an ease of use and rapid delepoment. It has been through several versions could have been called "v2.0", because that is what it really is. We have taken our most popular calco uk templates and added the most requested features from clients such as a 2-column layout variation and support for sub-pages in the main menu. We have also made other small modifications and added a few extras, like the background images in the menu buttons which softens what could have been a hard edge website. We hope that you like what you see and that you find the work to be easy to work with. That is what it was made for!

Example content image

Please click around the various buttons on this page as they link to all the feautures that are not immediately apparent on this page.

The bird pix are simply to demonstrate how borders work and the margins and offsets are laid out. This gives a better idea of how the wrapping will appear in your final website design. Note how the text runs under the wee pic above.

Other versions and additional uses

This layout can also available as a theme for WordPress and it has been ported to a number of other blogs and CMS as well.

New theme versions will be announced on the Calco UK website designs pages whenever a new port is released.